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Wat betekent Shala

Shala: Welkom

Shala is a word in Sanskrit meaning home. A Yoga Shala is a home where Yoga is shared and experienced. You don’t enter a home anywhere in Asia with your shoes on, you don’t enter a home ignoring the owner/holder of its space.

In most cultures, when you enter a home of another, you do so respectfully, peaceful, quiet, greeting the person that owns the home, and thanking them when you leave their space, you clean up after yourself and leave no trace of your presence

In a Yoga Studio, an instructor is hired by the studio usually by the hour or by percentage of clients attending. They are in service of those attending to make sure they get a workout or a stretch

In a Yoga Shala the teachers have dedicated their lives. Many sacrificing a normal schedule and common daily habits, to educate others willing to learn Yoga. Only one dynamic is happening in a Yoga Shala, that you are there to learn to be an improved person 

To try to bring in another dynamic is to create friction. Understanding this fundamental difference will save conflict and allow a conducive environment for both for student and teacher to maximise information transfer

In a Shala, the teacher is not there to cater to students as it is a place for self improvement and refection to take place

The teachers will commonly make known or balance tendencies in order to bring awareness and consideration for the practice, yourself and others around you 

Quite often an ego will react to the teacher, it makes part of the journey of self improvement 

Teachers in a Shala are not there to be liked as it is their lifework to bring the experience of Yoga to others, and this requires an immense amount of love, patience and dedication to each student 

They are not in in the service industry, they are in a sacred personal space, a home, a Shala, which they created to educate those showing up to learn 

They are not obligated to make you feel comfortable, pamper nor to know what thoughts, opinions or information you have derived from any source, regardless from where it was attained 

In a Yoga Shala you are there to learn from a teacher that is deeply routed in their journey they become the wall you lean on so that you may have a place to do the work, a teacher that is meant to teach you life tools for a steady platform from which unsteadiness can be observed 

This is why we go to the Shala

Shala: Over

Overzicht Lessen

Kom ontdekken!

Klik hieronder terug naar het overzicht,
en kies de Yogales die bij jou past !

Shala: Welkom

N a v i g a t i e

Shala: Welkom
Shala: Tekst
Shala: Tekst
Shala: Tekst
Shala: Tekst
Shala: Tekst
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